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Delivery, set up and collection

Additional £1/ mile one way from our location.  

With our games packages we can arrange to deliver the games to your venue on the day at a time to suit you. For this we charge an additional £1/ mile one way from our location at DL10 7SG. We use Google Maps and work off the shortest available driving route to calculate a price. So for example the full price for our Wedding package to a venue located 20 miles away from us would be £270 (£250+£20). 

Included in this we can also set the games up for you, and return to collect later in the evening for any time up to 8pm. If you would like the games later than this, just let us know. We can on occasion leave them overnight if you have somewhere secure to store everything, and arrange pickup for the following morning for double the delivery and collection fee (subject to availability). 

With our mini golf packages we can come and set up the course ready for a time requested, and a member of staff will stay for the duration of the hire to make sure everything runs smoothly. Please allow up to 1 hour for set up and break down time either side of the hire period. We use the same method as the games packages to work out a delivery and collection fee, so for example the full price of the standard 3 hour hire of our 9 hole course 20 miles from our location would come to £470 (£450+£20). 

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